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About Our Firm

For over 30 years, Christina Lana Shine, Esq., has been helping New Yorkers find their way through one of the most difficult and personal legal matters they may ever face: divorce.

Divorce and matters involving matrimonial law involve carefully extricating many facets of your life from your spouse. In many ways, however, elements of your lives remain linked, whether through spousal maintenance agreements or the custody and visitation plans involving your children.

An Experienced, Compassionate Attorney

Christina Lana Shine founded our practice with this in mind. Our approach to matrimonial law centers on compassionate and professional legal services that will reduce the harsh effects of marriage dissolution on the parties involved.

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Based in Williamsville, our firm offers comprehensive matrimonial law services across Western New York. In line with our commitment to meeting your unique needs, we provide both mediation services and litigation representation in divorce proceedings.

Our firm has relationships with certified divorce financial advisors to refer recently divorced individuals to so that they can establish financial freedom after shared incomes are terminated.

Helping You Understand Divorce Law

For most people, a divorce may be their first encounter with the legal system. Our attorney is a trained mediator and a well established litigator. She works closely with clients to identify their unique needs and explain the legal options that will help them achieve the best outcome for their specific circumstances.

Her in-depth understanding of New York matrimonial law and strong commitment to her clients’ interests has garnered the respect of her colleagues and clients alike.

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In the darkest of times, let Christina Lana Shine, Esq. Attorney & Mediator, shine a path to a brighter future. Call our office in Williamsville at 716-276-0892 or send us an email through the contact form to book an appointment. Discuss your matrimonial law matters with an attorney who knows how to help.