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Tips for navigating divorce successfully

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Divorce |

The process of getting divorced can no doubt be difficult. This is particularly true for individuals who have outstanding debt along with assets to split during the divorce proceeding. Here are some tips for successfully navigating a marital breakup in New York.

Dealing with finances

Money is often a major source of discord in both marriage and divorce. For this reason, it is wise for divorcing individuals to take inventory of all of their assets, financial documents, and accounts early on in the divorce process. An attorney can then help a divorcing party to determine what is worth pursuing versus giving up. Not determining this upfront may cause the divorcing party to end up fighting for assets that he or she does not truly want, just to get back at the other party.

Focusing on the children

Putting the children’s needs first is another important part of the divorce process, as research shows that a difficult divorce can have a negative impact on the children. Thus, it is important for parents who are getting divorced to determine the best way of explaining to the children what is happening. The parents would also be wise to avoid forcing the children to choose sides.

Considering mediation

The best-case scenario during the divorce process is for both parties to seek to resolve their divorce issues outside of court. This is possible with a process such as mediation, which will allow them to make decisions on their own rather than relying on the court to decide these matters for them. An experienced attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate mediation with confidence, keeping his or her client’s rights and best interests at the forefront of all proceedings.