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Healthy communication can make the divorce process easier

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2021 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage can understandably be an emotionally challenging process for both the divorcing spouses and their young children. However, proper communication may help to make the marital dissolution process smoother. Here are a couple of tips for keeping the channels of communication open while going through divorce in New York. 

Communication between spouses 

During divorce, it is crucial for the two parties to keep each other in the loop when it comes to their finances, particularly if they share a car, a mortgage or joint accounts. This may involve contacting the other party to remind him or her about his or her financial obligations. In addition, it would behoove both parties to avoid hiding their financial moves or trying to cover their tracks, as this could cause conflict and make the property division process more complicated and, in turn, time consuming during the divorce proceeding.  

Communication with the children 

In addition to communicating with each other, divorcing parents would be wise to communicate with their children regularly as well. This includes asking the children about how the divorce process is making them feel, which will help the children to feel understood and supported during the transition that divorce brings. Likewise, divorcing parents should ideally speak openly with their children about what is taking place during the divorce, as this may help the children to feel less anxious about the present and the future following divorce. 

How a divorce attorney can help 

A family law attorney in New York can further help a divorcing individual to communicate in a productive and efficient manner with the other party through divorce mediation, for example. During mediation, the attorney will push for a fair and comprehensive settlement with the other party while keeping his or her client’s rights and best interests at the forefront of the divorce proceeding. All in all, mediation offers the benefit of minimizing the negative effects of a courtroom proceeding while also helping to preserve the divorcing parties’ relationship, which is especially important if they plan to co-parent in the years ahead.