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A glimpse at the multi-step process of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Divorce |

Getting a divorce is never easy, even if it seems amicable between two parties at the start. This is because the process can be complicated to navigate from a financial and legal standpoint. Here is a rundown on how the process of divorce works in New York and what to expect during each stage of the proceedings. 

Divorce process steps 

The first step in the divorce process in New York is filing the complaint for divorce. This document highlights the plaintiff’s reason for seeking a divorce and acknowledges that at least one of the spouses meets the state’s residency requirements. Next, requests may be made that the court issue temporary orders regarding matters such as spousal support, child custody and child support, if needed. 

Next, the plaintiff must file proof that the complaint for divorce was properly served on the other spouse. At any stage during the proceeding, the parties can attempt to reach a divorce settlement outside of court. If they are unable to achieve this, the case will proceed to trial, where a judge will decide matters such as property division, custody and support for them. Finally, the judge will sign the divorce judgment to finalize the divorce. 

Seeking the help of an attorney 

Because the divorce process involves multiple steps, it is wise to consult an attorney as soon as possible when moving forward with a marital dissolution. An attorney in New York can help to pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement with the other party. Some parties prefer to resolve issues through mediation, which tends to be less stressful and costly than litigation. An attorney’s focus is to make sure that his or her client’s rights and best interests are protected each step of the way while working toward achieving  the best possible outcome.