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How parents can share decision to divorce with their children

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Divorce |

Parents who decide to get divorced in New York often dread the idea of breaking the news to their children. This is true even if getting divorced appears to be the best move for the entire family. However, it is possible to share this news with the children in a relatively positive way. Here are a couple tips for telling the kids that Dad and Mom are getting divorced. 

Consider timing and location 

If possible, it is best for parents who want to break the news of a coming divorce to their children to carve out time to do this. This may mean not working or going to school that afternoon so that all the appropriate time and energy can be dedicated to the conversation. In addition, it may be best to share the news in a place where the children feel safe. This is usually their home. 

Think long-term and consider the children’s ages 

As a general rule of thumb, parents should ideally be prepared to tell their kids that they are getting divorced in more than one conversation. This will give both the parents and the children more time to have their questions answered as well as process their concerns. Parents would also be wise to address the matter in a manner that is most appropriate for their children given their ages and levels of emotional maturity. 

Take advantage of professional help and assistance   

When a parent in New York decides to divorce, it’s best to contact an attorney early on in the divorce process. An experienced attorney can help a client pursue a favorable outcome in areas such as asset distribution, debt division and child custody, through divorce mediation, for example. Having this level of support by one’s side throughout this challenging time can ensure a much smoother transition moving forward.