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How to ease children’s household transitions after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Divorce |

One of the most challenging aspects of a divorce involving children in New York is managing the children’s household transitions after the divorce. Both the children and the parents can find it emotionally challenging when the children leave one parent’s responsibility and care to spend time with their other parent. However, a couple of tips can help to make these transitions easier. 

Arranging the time 

Divorced parents would be wise to establish a certain time when they will pick up and return their children. This helps to create continuity for both the children and the parents. Then, if an unforeseen event prevents one of the parents from picking up or returning the children when planned, he or she should ideally alert the other parent and the children right away. 

Helping the children emotionally 

Parents should also ideally encourage each child to speak about his or her feelings regarding leaving one parent to spend time with the other. This is important because it is not uncommon for children to feel guilty about leaving a parent behind. It is best for the two parents to reassure their children that seeing the other party and loving the experience is okay. It would also behoove the parents to avoid using their children as messengers or spies to achieve their own aims. 

How an attorney can help 

Navigating the divorce process with young children can understandably be overwhelming. However, a divorce attorney in New York can help a divorcing parent to tackle issues like child custody and child support outside of court — for instance, through mediation — which can make the process less acrimonious and stressful. An attorney’s ultimate aim will be protect the parent’s as well as the children’s rights and best interests at all stages of the divorce proceeding while fighting and working diligently toward the best possible outcome.