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Why hiring a family law attorney makes sense during divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Individuals in New York might be tempted to pursue the divorce process without an attorney’s guidance. However, this move might end up costing them more financially in the long run. Here are a few situations where seeking an attorney’s help is especially expedient. 


When two people decide to get divorced, either party might ask for spousal support, or alimony, payments. In this situation, the judge will have to determine if spousal support is actually appropriate given both parties’ incomes. If so, the judge will decide how much needs to be awarded, as well as how long these payments should continue. Because spousal support laws can be complicated, it is wise to seek legal assistance when navigating this issue. 

Retirement accounts 

Hiring an attorney also makes sense for divorcing individuals who have retirement accounts such as 401(k)s and pensions. This is important because making mistakes with the division of retirement accounts can have a profound effect on a person’s ability to retire at his or her desired age. An attorney can ensure that retirement account funds are split fairly between both parties. The attorney can also help his or her client to avoid tax issues that might crop up with the division of these types of assets. 

Shared children 

An experienced New York family law attorney can also prove help and support for divorcing couples who share young children. A savvy attorney can assist in creating a clear parenting and custody agreement that satisfies both parties. Most importantly, though, one’s attorney will make sure that the decisions made are ultimately in the best interests of the children.