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What to do if children blame a parent for the divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Divorce |

When two spouses in New York decide to divorce, they may naturally blame each other for their marital breakup. All the while, their children may be casting blame on both parties or perhaps even just one of the parents. Either way, if children are blaming one parent for their parents’ divorce, the allegedly at-fault parent can handle this situation positively by following a couple of steps 

Sometimes, children blame a parent for a divorce simply because they do not understand how complex adult relationships can be. Teenagers in particular may believe that they comprehend more about their parents’ relationship than they truly do. As a result, it is not uncommon for children to automatically view one parent as the good one and the other one as the bad one. 

Specific actions to take 

To address this issue, the parent being blamed for the divorce should ideally listen to what the children are saying about the divorce. Then, he or she can acknowledge both their feelings and their suffering. Afterward, this parent may want to express regret for the pain that the marital breakup has caused. Finally, the parent being blamed for the divorce can reassure the children that the situation will improve.  

The divorce process in New York can understandably be hard to navigate both emotionally and financially. This is especially true whenever children are involved. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can provide divorcing individuals with the direction they need to navigate their family law proceedings in a manner that both protects their rights and increases the odds of achieving the best possible outcome.