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Filing the divorce petition is necessary to kickstart a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Divorce |

A marriage is not merely a romantic relationship, it is also a legal one that provides both parties with obligations and rights. For this reason, if two people wish to end their marriage in New York, they must take the first legal step to dissolve it formally. This step involves filing the petition.

Divorce petition filing requirements

To initiate the marital dissolution process, an individual must file paperwork with his or her county divorce court. The divorce petition will need to include the contact information and names of both spouses. It is also required to highlight the reason for the divorce, such as adultery or irreconcilable differences.

The petitioner, or the individual filing for divorce, needs to also mention whether the two spouses have children. If they do, the children’s locations and ages will have to be included in the petition. Finally, the document must spell out the petitioner’s desires when it comes to child custody and property division. The petitioner may also request child support or alimony in the document.

Legal support can prove critical to the process

Hiring an experienced New York family law attorney as soon as possible is a wise choice for an individual who is interested in getting divorced. One’s attorney can help this individual to complete the divorce petition so that it accurately reflects his or her wishes. From there, a savvy attorney can guide his or her client through serving the petition on the other party, or formally notifying the other party of the filing for divorce. Having legal support from start to finish of the divorce process can help ensure one’s rights are protected while also eliminating a certain amount of stress and uncertainty from what can often be a challenging time.