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Signs that getting a divorce may be the best choice

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Divorce |

Marital life can feel like a roller coaster filled with ups and sudden downs, so naturally, married individuals in New York may long for independence from time to time. This may leave many wondering when their marriages are truly over. Here is a rundown on a few signs indicating that a marriage is toxic and therefore divorce may be inevitable.

Indicators of a toxic marital union

One of the biggest signs that a marriage has become toxic is infidelity. Two married people may also want to seriously consider divorce if their marriage is marked by violence, a lack of sex and companionship, or even abusive or improper parenting. In addition, if one spouse is violent, abusing alcohol or drugs, lying repeatedly, or struggling with anger issues, the other party may want to pursue divorce. Divorce may additionally be warranted if one spouse is trying to control or dominate the other.

Still, even when individuals desire to get divorced, they may hesitate to proceed with divorce for several reasons. For instance, they might want to stay together for their children, or they might not want to lose the other party’s income. Some individuals simply view the process of getting divorced as taxing and therefore prefer to stay in their unhappy marriages.

The value of legal support

Although going through a divorce can understandably feel overwhelming, an experienced New York family law attorney can help a divorcing individual to navigate it in the least stressful manner possible. For instance, one’s attorney can guide the individual through divorce mediation, where the two parties seek to find common ground in areas such as property division and child custody. Whether through mediation or litigation—should it be needed—a savvy attorney will pursue the best possible settlement while protecting his or her client’s short- and long-term interests.