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Benefits of bird nesting for co-parenting post-divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Child Custody |

New York divorce proceedings can be traumatic for the adults going through it. It can also be tough on any kids involved. This trauma can undermine the children’s sense of bonding, stability and safety. However, a relatively new co-parenting approach is aimed at minimizing these effects.  It is called bird nesting.

How bird nesting works

Unlike traditional divorce, nesting is a co-parenting approach that is centered on the children. In this setup, the children of the divorced parents continue to live in the family home following the divorce. Meanwhile, the father and mother take turns living at the marital home. This mimics the behavior of birds, which fly out of and into their bird nest to take care of their fragile babies.

During this process, the children can stay at their home base during their childhood years and can therefore enjoy the safety and comfort of familiar surroundings as they develop. The process may also benefit the co-parents’ relationship. After all, they have the chance to figure out the nesting process together, interact frequently in the children’s presence and focus on improving their communication.

How an attorney can help

Dealing with child custody matters in New York can be complicated – emotionally and legally. A family law attorney can help a divorcing parent to work on negotiating a parenting plan with the other party that reflects both parents’ wishes. Most importantly, the attorney will ensure that the parenting plan takes into consideration the best interests of the children given the circumstances.