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Reduce stress, feel empowered in divorce court

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Divorce |

Navigating New York divorce proceedings with no legal background is intimidating. This is especially true for couples who can’t reach an agreement and wind up going through a traditional divorce in court. Here are a couple of tips for preparing for divorce court during a high-conflict marital breakup. 

Tips for preparing for an acrimonious divorce in court 

Prepare for your appearance in divorce court by dressing professionally. Ideally, wear outfits that are professionally tailored and loose-fitting. This is important because it’s sometimes necessary to sit on hard seats for hours. It’s also best to avoid wearing flashy colors, opting instead for neutral shades like white, gray and navy. 

And try to stick to brief sentences, providing the necessary details while avoiding side commentaries. Don’t over-explain a situation unless asked to do so. Family court judges may lose patience when responses are long-winded unless the details are relevant to their divorce cases. 

A family law attorney can help 

Navigating divorce matters such as property division and claims for spousal support can be challenging in high-conflict situations. However, a family law attorney in New York may be able to help a client pursue a personally favorable outcome outside of court through a less acrimonious and stressful process, such as divorce mediation. The attorney will focus on ensuring that the client’s rights and best interests are protected each step of the way. While no two divorce proceedings are the same, these basic approaches to in-court decorum can go a long way in convincing a judge of a litigant’s sincerity and integrity.