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Help With New York Matrimonial Law

Admitting that your relationship has come to this stage is hard. Navigating the complex world of matrimonial law in the emotional fog of separation can be even harder. Christina Lana Shine, Esq., works hard to help individuals in Western New York find the right legal options to put complex and messy divorces behind them.

Our attorney strives to find the best strategies for each of her clients, and her commitment to individualized attention has contributed to a long history of success.

Experienced Representation In Divorce Litigation

Marriage dissolution often comes at the expense of effective and civil communication between exes. When peaceful resolution through mediation is out of the question, litigation may be a necessary step.

Christina Lana Shine knows that litigating a divorce means giving up control over the outcome to a certain degree. When you pursue litigation, you rely on your attorney’s abilities to achieve your goals by advocating on your behalf.

In light of this, our attorney values open and honest communication about your legal options, the status of your divorce and the likelihood of realizing your goals. We craft specifically tailored legal strategies that reflect the reality of your situation and keep you informed every step of the way.

Our attorney is known throughout Western New York as an effective litigator and a knowledgeable family law attorney. With more than 30 years of experience resolving matters in and out of the courtroom, Christina Lana Shine has the skill and insight to resolve your divorce efficiently with the best possible outcome.

Guidance For Complex Divorces

New York is no stranger to complex divorces. Our vibrant communities and attractive economic foundations invite couples with a diverse range of sophisticated investments and professional practices. When these couples separate, these assets need to be addressed fairly and with the guidance of a professional who has worked with similar high-stakes property distribution.

Our attorney understands the process of evaluating these situations and drafting plans to ensure that your interests are protected. Her experience handling all manner of personal and professional assets in a divorce is apparent in her thorough, methodical approach to even the most complex property division matters.

When necessary, we can refer you to certified divorce financial advisors who can assist with planning financial elements of the divorce.

Child Custody, Visitation, And Child Support

We provide experienced guidance for all aspects of child custody and visitation, as well as child support. These can be contentious issues and we can help you develop solutions that achieve your goals, protect your interests, and those of your children.

Contact Us For Help With Divorce

Christina Lana Shine’s experience can benefit you throughout the entirety of your divorce proceedings and all associated legal matters. We can also help you with: 

  • Uncontested divorces: For couples who wish to dissolve their marriage quickly and efficiently, Christina Lana Shine can help facilitate an uncontested divorce. Divorcing couples with no disagreements regarding spousal maintenance, property distribution or the like may be eligible for this streamlined marriage dissolution process.
  • Post-divorce disputes and modifications: Although a well-devised custody or support agreement can reduce the chances of disagreements down the road, no plan is perfect. When changes in your life necessitate changes to existing agreements, our attorney can represent you and advise you on how to successfully modify those agreements. This can include modifications to child custody or support agreements, alimony payments and parental relocations.

Give our office in Williamsville a call at 716-276-0892 or email us using the contact form to schedule your initial consultation.