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Mediation Services For New York Marriage Dissolution

The end of a marriage can be difficult for all parties involved. Christina Lana Shine, Esq. Attorney & Mediator, provides mediation services for divorcing couples in order to minimize the impact of courtroom proceedings and help preserve the relationship between exes.

Why Choose Mediation?

Courtroom battles can easily become contentious affairs, severing the chances of maintaining an amicable relationship between the separating spouses and/or unmarried parents. For many couples, especially those with children, this kind of harsh break can make the pain of divorce or a break-up worse and complicate associated legal decisions, such as custody and support matters.

Disagreements and arguments over aspects like property division or spousal maintenance can extend the amount of time in court, causing legal fees to mount. A divorce fought in court also makes the situation public, forcing your family’s troubles out into the open.

Mediation allows couples to resolve their matrimonial law matters with dignity and privacy. Working with a mediator puts the outcome of your divorce back into your own hands, instead of relying on a litigator to achieve a specific resolution on your behalf.

How Does Mediation Work?

As a mediator, our attorney, Christina Lana Shine, represents neither you nor your spouse but serves as a neutral party to facilitate discussion. She will help you gather the information necessary to resolve your divorce efficiently and as painlessly as possible.

Through mediation sessions, she can inform you of the full scope of your legal options and allow you and your ex to determine which strategies best fit your unique needs.

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