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Family Law Experience

Our attorney understands that life does not always unfold as you planned. You may be faced with custody, visitation or financial support issues both related and unrelated to marriage. The law firm of Christina Lana Shine is experienced in a broad array of family law issues from pre-nuptial agreements to Family Court petition matters.

Representation For Your Needs

From our office in Williamsville, we provide comprehensive family law services, including:

  • Child custody, visitation, and child support: If you have children but never married the other parent, you will need to sort out your rights and obligations to each other and to your children. Christina Lana Shine understands this and can help you resolve these issues efficiently while protecting your interests.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements provide financial security and peace of mind for both parties in the event that the relationship goes awry. As an experienced property distribution and family law attorney, Christina Lana Shine can help create a plan that works for you.
  • Paternity and fathers’ rights: Christina Lana Shine understands the significance of paternity confirmations and their role in custody and support proceedings. Our attorney can also help you pursue clear and convincing evidence of paternity to ensure access to your child or help you defend your rights as a father during a divorce.

No matter what your divorce or other family law needs may be, our attorney is committed to providing you with the dignity and respect you deserve as you seek resolution to your specific situation.

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Our attorney has more than three decades of experience helping New York families find the resolution they need with their family law-related issues. Discuss your situation with Christina Lana Shine, Esq. Attorney & Mediator, by calling our Williamsville office at 716-276-0892 or using our online contact form to get in touch.