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What Our Clients Say

Choosing an attorney can be difficult. Reading what other clients have said about their experience working with an attorney can be helpful. Here are some examples of what our clients have said about working with Christina Lana Shine:

“Christina Fought For My Best Interests Tooth and Nail”

When I came into Christina’s office I was a very distraught woman as I had found out that my husband was cheating on me. Christina fought for my best interests tooth and nail. She never gave up on me and she was there for me every step of the way. I know through my own experience with Christina that she fights for her clients and she doesn’t back down. She has helped me regain the confidence I lost. Christina Shine is an excellent attorney and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
– Ruth

“The Consummate Professional”

Christina is the consummate professional who practices law. She explained the process of divorce, New York state divorce law, and divorce court in a clear and concise manner that allowed us to manage my expectations. This was essential, given the fact that I am a disabled Veteran with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress wounds. Christina is intuitively a mediator and sensitive to people’s anxieties; she provided value-added options for me to consider as she mentored me through the entire process. I have recommended Christina to family, friends and fellow Veterans because her integrity and character speaks directly to the quality service she provides.
– Tim

“I Would Highly Recommend”

Christina Shine handled my contentious divorce and custody case with great success. She was tenacious in the proceedings and in court even while making attempts to settle the case. Christina’s vast experience told her, that a settlement would be the best outcome for my ex-husband and I because we had to continue to find ways to coexist after the divorce. I would highly recommend Christina Shine for anyone going through a divorce and/or child custody proceedings.
– Jen

“Christina Was A Strong, Knowledgeable Influence”

While looking for an alternative to a confrontational lawyer-led divorce, a friend recommended that we consider Christina Shine for Divorce Mediation. I never imagined that mediation could possibly work for us but after our initial appointment both my ex and I agreed that Christina was someone that we could work with. The process seemed to be logical, sequential, and comprehensive. Christina was a strong, knowledgeable influence throughout the process. She was able to calm emotional periods (which there were a lot of), answer any questions, and keep us on task to achieve an agreement. She was professional, organized, knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and clear. I would recommend Christina Shine without hesitation to any couple in the difficult situation of considering divorce.
– Mara

“Very Good Advice”

Very good advice.
– Arnice V.

“Expert at her craft”

I have known Christina Shine for over 10 years.  She has handled Matrimonial matters for me and she is an EXPERT at her craft.  For the last 8 years she has been dealing with what the Law Judges have deemed one of the most difficult cases they have seen.  She is always prepared, professional and never leaves anything to chance.  Also, she comes highly recommended as a Mediator.  If you have a friend, family member or even you, that needs to know how to navigate through the “system” and want excellent representation with fair disposition, Christina is the person you should contact.  Mediation makes the most sense, but if that is not possible, she will protect all your interests.
– Charles H.

“Pleasure to work with”

Best experience in working with Christina. She is the master in her field and such a pleasure to work with. Going through a divorce is such a hardship, but you will feel better knowing Christina has your back.
– Carolyn C.

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