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Tips for sharing one’s desire for divorce with a spouse

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Divorce |

Telling a spouse about one’s desire for divorce in New York is never easy. However, avoiding the conversation will not make the matter any easier to handle in the short term. Here is a rundown on how individuals can confidently tell their spouses that they are ready to get divorced.

Communicating the desire for divorce carefully

Some individuals may be worried about hurting their spouses’ feelings when they explain to them that they want to get divorced. In this situation, it may be best for them to break this news to the other party in person versus on the phone or via text. Then, they should ideally be prepared for their future exes to be emotional and try to acknowledge their feelings.

Sharing this news in person may not be a good idea, however, for individuals who are genuinely concerned that their spouses may try to physically harm them as a result. In this scenario, those who wish to get divorced might want to share this news with their spouses in front of a trusted relative or friend. This may dissuade the other party from reacting to the news violently.

Finding the right help and support during these times

Once individuals in New York have told their spouses that they wish to get divorced, it would behoove them to consult an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help a divorcing individual to pursue a comprehensive and just settlement with the other party through an out-of-court process such as mediation. This type of process tends to be less acrimonious than traditional divorce litigation. However, if litigation is needed, a savvy attorney will be fully prepared to fight for his or her client’s future best interests in court, increasing the odds of the best possible outcome.