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Divorce among the elderly on the rise

The trend of older married couples breaking up is increasing. This is true even for couples who have been married for years or decades. Here is a look at some reasons why elderly couples may decide to break up and lead separate lives in New York.  Causes of divorce...

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Why divorce can be beneficial

Studies often focus on the various consequences of divorce for children and adults, but many individuals in New York flourish after divorce as well. Research shows that individual may experience more personal growth and autonomy once they end their marriages. Here is...

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Navigating finances after a divorce

Divorce is more than just the end of a marriage. It can also be the catalyst needed to cultivate financial freedom and the confidence it generates. Here are a few tips for prioritizing one’s financial health and feeling empowered during divorce in New York.  Tips for...

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Handling the family home during divorce

The marital home remains one of the biggest sources of contention during the divorce process in New York. Fortunately, couples going through divorce have a few options for addressing their family home. Here are some ways people getting divorced can address their home...

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