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Tips for strengthening kids’ confidence during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Family Law |

Getting divorced can take a significant emotional toll on one’s children, even in the most amicable situations. Fortunately, parents going through a divorce in New York can positively shape their children’s well-being. Here are a couple of ways parents getting divorced can increase their children’s self-confidence as they navigate the life-altering divorce process.

Tapping into the power of art

An art-based activity can be a powerful tool for helping children express their emotions when their parents are getting divorced. An example of an art-related activity is listening to feel-good, empowering music since songs influence people’s identities and can stay in their heads for life. Other artistic activities that may build self-confidence in children include creating clay sculptures, writing songs, drawing and dancing.

Prioritizing quality time

Parents going through divorce may also want to be intentional about spending time with their children. Quality time can foster meaningful conversations and strengthen children’s growth mindset. Examples of activities that may offer opportunities for connection and bonding include playing a video game or board game, working on a puzzle or learning a musical instrument.

How a family law attorney can help

Figuring out the ins and outs of divorce can be overwhelming, especially when kids are involved. However, a New York family law attorney can provide the guidance needed to make informed decisions about matters such as property division, child custody and child support. The attorney will strive to protect his or her client’s rights while ensuring that the children’s best interests are upheld during each stage of the divorce proceeding.