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How to break divorce news to teenagers

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Divorce |

Telling teenagers their parents are getting divorced can be a painful process for both the parents and the children. However, as long as the children hear and feel that they are loved, the talk may be easier for both sides. Here are some tips for relaying divorce news to a teen child in New York.

Telling teens their parents are getting divorced

Divorcing parents with teenagers could decide to gently tell their children they are splitting up so that they can both be happier. Whatever they say, they should ideally emphasize to their teens that both parents love them. They may want to reassure the kids that both parents will work together to meet their needs.

The parents can also model how to effectively work through various emotions during the proceeding. These may range from anger to disappointment, sadness and grief. Their teens may learn how to remain in control of their emotions in this way. It would also behoove the parents to avoid badmouthing each other to maintain a positive environment for the children.

How an attorney can help

Because divorce can be complicated when children are involved, a divorcing parent may want to hire a family law attorney in New York to guide him or her through the process early on. The attorney can help the client file for divorce and pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement through a process such as divorce mediation. The attorney will strive to make sure his or her client’s rights and best interests are protected during each stage of the proceeding.