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Counseling can help families navigate a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Divorce Mediation |

Maintaining positive communication with young children and a future ex-spouse can be challenging during a contentious divorce proceeding. However, counseling may make communication easier. Here are some tips for making the most of family counseling during divorce in New York.

Family counseling tips during divorce

Joint counseling may help parents getting divorced communicate reasonably and civilly with each other and their children. Two types of joint counseling are available: pre-divorce and co-parenting counseling. Pre-divorce counseling might help the two parents dissipate any hostility or anger between them so they can create a foundation for healthy communication. This kind of counseling happens early in the divorce, usually before a separation or custody agreement has been finalized. Co-parenting counseling typically happens after a separation or custody arrangement has been established.

The goal of joint divorce counseling is to help two people going through divorce make rational, mature and informed decisions. A counselor’s office may be a neutral, safe place for them to discuss divorce matters centered on their children. Even if one spouse refuses to go to counseling, the other spouse may want to attend counseling sessions to make communicating with the other party easier in the short and long term.

Family law attorneys crucial

Hiring a family law attorney in New York may also help drive productive communication during a divorce proceeding involving children. The attorney may use divorce mediation to help his or her client reach an agreement with the other party regarding issues like visitation and property division, rather than having to go to trial to address these matters. The attorney will focus on ensuring that the client’s rights and best interests are protected during each stage of the divorce proceeding.