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How to make the holidays more peaceful during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce often triggers feelings of frustration and sadness, and unfortunately, these feelings may become more pronounced during the holidays. However, individuals navigating the divorce process in New York can take steps to make the Christmas season more enjoyable. Here are a couple of tips for coping with holiday emotions during a marital breakup. 

Tips for handling holiday stress and emotions during divorce 

One of the best ways for individuals going through divorce to make the holidays easier to deal with emotionally is to receive support from family and friends. They can ask their loved ones to spend time with them while their children are with the other parent on Christmas Day, for example. This provides them with an opportunity to grow personally, improve their coping strategies, enhance their relationship skills and build their resiliency. 

Individuals getting divorced at Christmastime should also ideally practice self-care. This includes getting plenty of sleep, spending time outdoors, getting good nutrition and exercising. These activities may help them reduce their stress and make themselves feel good. 

How a family law attorney can help 

Hiring an attorney right away is another way to help make coping with holiday emotions easier during divorce proceedings. A family law attorney in New York can help an individual going through a divorce at Christmastime seek a comprehensive and fair settlement with the other party through an out-of-court process like mediation, which tends to be less stressful and acrimonious than traditional divorce litigation. The attorney will ensure that his or her client’s best interests and rights are upheld during each stage of the divorce proceeding.