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How to find the right home following a marital breakup

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Family Law |

When two people in New York get divorced, they may have to uproot their entire lifestyles if they decide to sell their family home. Fortunately, understanding the real estate investing process may help individuals successfully find new residences while navigating the divorce process. Here are a couple of tips for finding a suitable home after filing for divorce.

Homebuying tips post divorce

Picking the proper time to start shopping for a home following divorce is critical. Buyers in a home seller’s market may overpay for the homes they are interested in. For this reason, it is critical that buyers research the current mortgage interest rate and the economic factors impacting New York’s property market before deciding to purchase brand-new homes after divorce.

Individuals interested in buying homes post divorce may also want to determine the aesthetic and vision they have for their new spaces. They may want to familiarize themselves with various décor options, home styles and design trends this year. This information may help them find homes that match their personal styles and long-term goals.

How a family law attorney can help

In some situations, people contemplating divorce may prefer to keep their marital homes rather than selling them and buying new ones. A family law attorney in New York can help an individual going through divorce make the best decision regarding how to handle the marital home and other assets requiring division, such as motor vehicles and family heirlooms. The attorney will strive to help his or her client achieve a fair and comprehensive settlement with the other party while upholding the client’s desires and best interests.