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Divorce among the elderly on the rise

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Divorce |

The trend of older married couples breaking up is increasing. This is true even for couples who have been married for years or decades. Here is a look at some reasons why elderly couples may decide to break up and lead separate lives in New York. 

Causes of divorce later in life 

One of the chief reasons why elderly couples may divorce is because they have lost their intimacy. Physical intimacy declines with age, which may leave both partners or one partner missing the sexual connection they used to have. They might also miss the emotional connection they once had. This may leave older individuals feeling discontent, sexually invisible, lonely and unfulfilled, in which case they may pursue new relationships to overcome these feelings. 

Sometimes older individuals also choose to divorce due to becoming empty nesters and realizing that their relationships have big gaps. This can easily happen if two parties’ lives revolved around their children’s lives before the children left home. Some married couples embrace the shift to being empty nesters, which can bring independence, but others may reconsider their marital unions due to feeling that their relationships are no longer as valuable without their shared parental priorities.  

Why hire a family law attorney? 

Individuals who are ready to get divorced at any age would be wise to consult a family law attorney in New York right away. An attorney can help an individual pursuing divorce navigate issues like asset distribution, debt division and spousal support. The attorney will strive to help his or her client achieve the most personally favorable outcome given the circumstances surrounding the divorce proceeding.